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    VisionWeb Teams With Vision Star to Automate Online Lab Orders

    Eyecare professionals save time and increase accuracy, with online ease.


    AUSTIN, Texas - March 11, 2003 - VisionWeb, the premier online portal serving the eyecare industry, today announced a partnership with Vision Star to introduce an online electronic link directly to the ViStar Laboratory Management Software (LMS).  This partnership allows eyecare professionals to easily place secure and accurate orders for spectacle lenses through the VisionWeb site,, to any of VisionWeb's optical laboratory partners using the ViStar LMS.


    "Our partnership with Vision Star provides an excellent opportunity for eyecare practices to order and track their spectacle lens purchases with increased efficiency and accuracy," said Jacques Stoerr, Chief Executive Officer of VisionWeb. It also brings VisionWeb another step closer in its commitment to bring the efficiencies of the Internet to the vision care community. Stoerr adds, "The electronic link with VisionWeb gives laboratories using the ViStar LMS real cutting edge technology advantages."


    "Vision Star and VisionWeb have created a link that routes orders directly from the eyecare practitioner's office to the participating ViStar lab, eliminating the re-keying of patient data so labs can provide more timely order-processing and status to their customers," said David Greer, President of Vision Star. He continued, "We believe that our partnership brings tremendous value to our customers running the ViStar LMS, and we encourage them to become a member of the VisionWeb online eye care network."


    The combination also provides greater reach for participating labs. "We're excited about the opportunity to be a VisionWeb supplier, both in terms of the improved productivity, as well as larger market share," commented Dale Parmenteri, Vice President of Balester Optical. Balester Optical, a full-service optical company, has long been a user of the ViStar LMS and is one of the first to test the combined power of VisionWeb and ViStar.


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    Headquartered in Austin, Texas, VisionWeb is the premier Internet-based tool designed to help eyecare providers streamline and simplify their practices. VisionWeb offers convenient and direct-to-supplier online ordering; one-stop access to ophthalmic clinical news and information pooled from 1,200 publications around the world; and other benefits for opticians, optometrists, ophthalmologists, optical manufacturers, laboratories, distributors, and patients.



    Located in Portland Oregon, Vision Star has been providing optical lab automation software and associated services to the some of the industries largest enterprises since 1972.  Vision Star's newest product, ViStar Lab Management System (LMS) V03, embodies the commitment to bring state of the art manufacturing technology to the optical industry.  Vision Star is committed to open systems and open access.    




    Located in Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania, Balester Optical Company is a full service wholesale optical laboratory. Balester's has been serving the ophthalmic community since 1934 and is one of the oldest optical laboratories in the United States.







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